Our sweet and crazy little busy family!

Our sweet and crazy little busy family!
we look normal enough right?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's for dinner you ask?

So i'll admit it, i am having a lazy day!  I woke up this morning so very pleased that i own a crock pot!  You guessed it!  Its a crock pot kinda meal!  I went to the fridge to see what i could stuff inside, and found some boneless pork ribs.  After an hour of deliberation and a few phone calls, i decided they weren't any good, so lo and behold i had to get creative!  For my mothers awesome and memory filled christmas party, she made some pulled pork barbeque sammies with dr. pepper and it was so yummy!  SO i had some frozen pork chops, unthawed them, seared them, and threw them in.  Caramelized some onions, salt pepper, onion powder, and you guessed it, my beloved dr. pepper!  Gonna throw them in some bbq sauce when they're done and bake them a little!  With it, we are having smashed tatoes, mac and cheese, and a veggie which has yet to be determined.  Try it out if ur brave!

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  1. I love this....so fun to read and I really liked the part where you delivered a plate to your parents!!!! It was delicious! You Rock!!!