Our sweet and crazy little busy family!

Our sweet and crazy little busy family!
we look normal enough right?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A little about us!

Meet Mia!  She is the baby of the family.  She just had her first birthday in november, and let me tell ya, she is my baby!  The youngest of three, she has really figured out how to get her fair share of whatever is going on!  lol Gramma calls her butterfly cause she is just so sweet!  Dont let the nickname fool ya!  I picked this picture for a reason, she is really rotten inside!  She tends to hold her breath and pass out when she's mad or hurt!  
Meet Alivia!  She is 3.  She has been a big girl since she was born, and my ballerina princess.  She loves makeup, dancing, singing, and "playing with her barbies" as she tells grampa every single day!  Cute right? yep she totally is, but let me tell ya something.  She is a FIRECRACKER!!  She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and i hope one day that will give her an advantage. Until then, mommy's nerves would be a lot better if she'd tone it down!  ha ha ! She is a loving sister to her baby sister, but has a special bond with the little guy im about to show ya.  She is the mother hen over him, and im pretty sure she knows whats going on with him. She is always gonna be my right hand!  Love her!
This, my friends, is Jordan, my bear!  This boy, oh this boy.  I would go to the ends of the earth for him!  (and at times it feels like we've been close) He is what some people called Atypical. But to all of us, he is just bear, and we wouldnt have him any other way!  He loves monster trucks, wait i dont think you got that.....HE LOVE LOVE LOVES Monster trucks!  He can tell you anything you want to know about almost anything!  He is so very smart!  We have been fighting for him since the day he was born, and will always continue to fight until we know he's okay.  Not gonna go into too much detail right here, but i will just say, there is more to come!  

As far as Jeremy and I, well we are quite the pair!  We met in highschool, when i needed a date for the prom!  lol  We have been in love since then.  He is the most amazing husband and daddy!  Wow! What a daddy he is!  I dont even think i can put it into words!  He makes me grounded when things get crazy! Love him and i dont know what i'd do without him!  I am a stay at home mommy, and very proud to be that!  I will be honest, there are some days that it would totally be easier to have a 9-5!  It is very important to jeremy and I that we instill our values into our kids and when we were growing up, our mothers stayed home with us.  We wouldnt change that for the world!  I have some of the most amazing parents on the planet.  I have sooo many wonderful memories of my childhood.  My mother is def. my best friend!  We love to have fun with our babies, and this mama loves to cook!

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